New Management

Katerina Apartments is currently under new management. The hotel underwent a complete renovation and the quality of the services is upgraded.

Brief history of the island

According to mythology, Kalymnos was a son of Ouranos (Sky) and Gaia (Earth). His father flung him into the sea but he landed on his mother’s bosom and rose from sea to become a group of islands named Kalydnai (meaning good or calm waters). Kalydnai are mentioned by Homer as a participant to the Trojan Brief history of the island

Pothia: The Capital Of Kalymnos

Pothia is the capital and the main port of Kalymnos. The picturesque settlement is built amphitheatrically around the port, on the slopes of two hills whereas a small part of it lies in the beautiful verdant valley. This traditional and attractive town concentrates most of local population that reaches 10,000 inhabitants, most of whom are Pothia: The Capital Of Kalymnos